​Bret Hart & Hornswoggle React To The Ongoing Feud Between The New Day & The Wyatt Family Feud


As previously reported, Bret Hart interviewed Hornswoggle on a recent edition of “The Hart Family Vault.” The two discussed the ongoing feud between The New Day and The Wyatt Family and more. Here are some highlights:

Bret Hart on The New Day vs. Wyatts Feud: I like the storyline they’ve got going with The Wyatts. It’s a fun, good sort of different kind of storyline for them. They are not so much cartoons. So, it’s a chance for New Day to take on a more serious role. Which, coming off of all the stuff done now, where people are starting to really sort of like them. They find them fun and they’ve started to get attached to them and are emotionally connected to them. That’s all really good and now they’re going in to a storyline that’s very unpredictable. These guys are very unpredictable. It’s a kind of very scary storyline. I like it. I like the mix and it’s good for Wyatt and all of those guys to be working with The New Day. It’s a different kind of style. Different kind of thinking that goes in to the match.

Hornswoggle on The New Day: The New Day in now carrying the tag division and carrying it very well. I think they’re the most entertaining thing on RAW it seems lately. They’re all great guys and their hell of athletes. All three of them are. It’s just very entertaining.

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