Bret & Owen Hart’s Brother Talks Owen In The HOF


In a new column, Bret and Owen Hart’s older brother, Smith Hart, discussed possible 2014 WWE Hall of Fame candidates and also brought up the issue of his late brother Owen being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He also discussed a possible loophole that could allow Owen Hart’s induction despite the issues between WWE and Owen Hart’s widow, Martha. Smith Hart wrote:

“As WrestleMania season approaches, so does the question of who will be inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame class. Inevitably each year I am barraged by fans wondering if/when my brother Owen will be inducted. I too share everyone’s feelings as Owen’s career and accomplishments deserve recognition. However with my sister-in-law, Martha, still at odds with WWE, the likelihood of the two coming to terms on Owen’s individual induction remains highly unlikely. However WWE has an obvious loophole. Much like the 2011 collective induction of the Four Horsemen, I feel WWE could induct the Hart Foundation as a unit. All five, Bret, Owen, Davey, Jim and Brian Pillman made great contributions and had stellar Hall of Fame calibre careers. By inducting them as a unit, it would offer the fans and my family the ability to honor Owen and his incredible career while sparring ill feelings that have yet to fully mend.”

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