Brock Lesnar Wants To Work UFC And WWE, The Young Bucks Visit Full Sail


With Brock Lesnar’s WWE status up in the air, many fans are turning to the result of his Summerslam match for answers. The Fired Up podcast, however, reported that Lesnar met with Vince McMahon before RAW. Reportedly, the two talked about where Lesnar wants to be in his career and he expressed interest in wanting to work for the WWE and the UFC. There is no word on how Vince reacted to that.

The podcast’s host, Joe Peisich said,

“Brock Lesnar last week had a meeting with Vince and the higher ups with WWE and he has told them that he wants to work with both. He wants to work with WWE and UFC. I don’t know how that’s going to happen, but if Brock does not lose the title at SummerSlam you could see him working for both WWE and UFC. Like I said, I don’t know how that works but he wants to work for both.”

Secondly, on The Young Bucks’ latest episode of “BTE” the duo visited Full Sail University where NXT is filmed every week. In an odd segment, Matt and Nick Jackson stand underneath the Full Sail Studios sign and nonchalantly thank New York, Connecticut, and Florida. Then they go on to say, “But especially Florida. Orlando, Florida.”

With the ALL IN event just a few weeks away, the scene suddenly cuts to Cody Rhodes speaking about something entirely different. BTE is an awesome watch so if you haven’t checked it out, I’d highly recommend it. This is not the first time the Young Bucks have made troll-worthy WWE references and hopefully isn’t the last.

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