Bully Ray Talks How He Has Been Received In Ring Of Honor, Matt Hardy’s “Broken” Gimmick – More


Ring Of Honor star & wrestling great, Bully Ray, spoke with Josh Barnett of USA Today’s “For The Win” section. During the interview, Bully Ray elaborated on WWE using Matt Hardy’s “Broken” gimmick, talks his experience in Ring Of Honor, D-Von & much more.

Here are the highlights:

How He Has Been Received In Ring Of Honor:

“From my point of view and from my relationship with the rest of the locker room and my relationship with the fans, things cannot be better. The first night here at the Hammerstein, I said: I’m not coming in to be one of those veterans that is looking to take somebody’s spot or come in and grab a quick payday. I said I was coming to be a full-time guy with Ring of Honor and a legit part of this locker room and that’s exactly what’s happening. Nobody understands what it’s like to be part of a company like Ring of Honor more than I do, especially being in ECW.”

“I understand what drives these guys, their passion and their willingness to put their bodies on the line and steal the show every night. I also understand the other side; wrestled in front of 100,000 people at WrestleMania. I’m trying to help them as much as possible to become better versions of themselves.”

Are There Guys In The ROH Locker Room Who Ask For His Help:

“There are a couple of guys in the locker room who have sought out my advice. They ask me to watch matches, they ask my opinion on psychology. If I’m friendly with a guy, I might pull him on the side and point something out to him. Obviously, when you have a talent like myself who’s been in the business for 25 years, I can probably point out some things to them that they might not see and help them to be more creative, better storytellers and to work a style that is more entertaining for the fans.”

What’s It Like Working Six-Man Tag Matches:

“It’s pretty much the same, me and D-Von were tagging for so, so long that it became the well-oiled machine. We were two guys working together as one with probably the greatest tag team finish in the history of wrestling. With the Briscoes, they are an entity unto their own. They are like me and D-Von on speed, they are crazy and amped up at all times. Doing the six-man thing with them has been nothing but exciting and entertaining just for me to watch them half the time. I’m in awe of some of the things they can do, they are badasses after my own heart but still can work in the ring.”

Matt Hardy:

“I think that will get the best of both worlds, they can milk this Hardy run for every dime it’s worth and then they can evolve into a version of the Broken Universe that the WWE sees fits. WWE is not going to allow creations that got over someplace else to come in and rule their world, it’s not going to happen, it didn’t happen with the Bullet Club and it’s not going to happen with Matt Hardy’s Broken Universe. They are going to have to put their stamp of approval on it and have their creative input.”

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