Cesaro Comments On SmackDown Tag Team Championship Victory With Shinsuke Nakamura


WWE Superstar Cesaro was interviewed by Newsweek where he discussed he and Shinsuke Nakamura winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship from The New Day. He also discussed the potential for a future Singles Championship run.

On being a tag team champion again:

“It feels great. This is my seventh title with my third different partner. I call Shinsuke, “Shinsuke the Third.” It came at a great time and me and Shinsuke were out to make a statement and I feel like we did and it feels good to hold gold again in WWE.”

On the different mindsets between singles and tag team wrestling:

“When you’re in a singles match it’s all about you and it’s only you in there, and it all falls on you. In a tag match it’s completely different. You have to rely on your partner, trust your partner and also there’s two opponents across the ring. It’s just a completely different mindset and element to it. It’s more of a “team game.” It’s a different challenge, and I love challenges.”

On what makes Shinsuke Nakamura different from his past tag team partners:

“Shinsuke is the “king of strong style” and he is so much fun to watch. I catch myself on the apron just watching him sometimes and having a great time. He’s a once in a lifetime performer. The way he moves, his moveset, his strikes, his background it’s mesmerizing. Shinsuke is the coolest person that I’ve ever met. Everything he does, wears and says makes you say “Yea!” [Laughs] … He’s completely different. Every tag team partner I had just in WWE, Tyson Kidd, before that Jack Swagger, Sheamus and then Shinsuke they were all different. It’s fun because it gives me a chance to adjust and be well-rounded. I like to play around whatever their strength is and it gives me the chance to elevate or focus on a different aspect of my game. That’s a lot of fun for me.”

Cesaro on improving his promo work:

“I’ve been working on that forever [Laughs]. English is not my first language so for me it’s harder. A lot of stuff gets mixed up in my head, I’ll mix up words and sayings. I had a good one like “taking the kid from the candy” or one of my better ones is “out of blue field” which is a mix of “out of left field” and “out of the blue” so I mess up stuff, I mix stuff up, my accent sometimes people don’t understand it. So I was always focusing on that and now I’m getting the chance to talk more and once people hear my voice more often it will help me and everybody. Fortunately enough, I’ve had my chance to get on the microphone more and it’s been fun. It’s something I constantly work on and hope to improve.”

Cesaro on wanting a future Singles championship run:

“I was going to say “not enough gold” [Laughs]. The goal is to always be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That’s the goal for everyone in WWE and that’s 100 percent my goal. And not just for me, but for all of Europe. For all of our international fans. I want to get in there and win one. It’s just part of the journey. I’m glad I’m alright and the Cesaro Section all over the world is following me on this [journey], but that’s still my goal.”

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