Charlotte Flair Comments on WWE Superstars Being in the Main Event


During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Charlotte Flair commented on WWE Superstars having higher expectations when they are in the main event. He said,

“I feel the same way that she [Becky Lynch] does. But I think that’s with anything. Not that the expectations are higher, but they kind of are because it doesn’t happen as often. If we were main eventing every single pay-per-view, it’s not like talked about as much. I think what it boils down to is the number on the roster. There’s so many more male superstars than there are females. So, if there’s a bad main event, it’s talked about for weeks because you don’t — I think there’s just more that than anything. And too, like, even when we had the first Royal Rumble, I’m just going to use the Royal Rumble because the Royal Rumble’s coming up around the corner, it’s like, ‘Well, had that been bad, well, we can’t do it.’ It’s just the expectation.”

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