Chris Adonis Doesn’t See Himself Returning To WWE


Chris Adonis has been doing just fine for himself as a member of the NWA roster. He’s a former National Champion, and he was part of the winning team for the recent Champions Series match. But things didn’t go so well for him back when he was Chris Masters and competing for WWE, especially during his second run with the company.

Speaking with SO Catch by Hal 2, Adonis said that he hasn’t been contacted about returning to WWE since his 2011 release. Adonis stated, “It feels like I’ve been exiled, hasn’t it?”


Adonis continued, “It’s like a bad marriage at that point. I don’t ever feel like I’m coming back to WWE full-time. For me, it would be great to just come back to the Rumble to sort of make amends with certain people in the company, but to also show the WWE Universe the polished performer that I’ve become.”

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