Chris Jericho Reveals Why He Didn’t Have A Singles Match At AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door


During a recent appearance on the “Inside the Ropes” podcast, AEW star Chris Jericho commented on working a trios match at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, why he didn’t have a singles match on the show, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the possibility of matches with Will Ospreay and Minoru Suzuki: “Well, I mean, the thing is, I headlined three Tokyo Domes in a row. With Kenny in 2018, Naito in 2019, and Tanahashi in 2020. So there was a lot of revenue and a lot of money and a lot of tickets sold with Chris Jericho in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and a lot of momentum. Of course, obviously, the pandemic happened which shut everything down. I think there’s still a lot more money to be made in Japan. I think Suzuki and Jericho in Japan means a lot more than Suzuki and Jericho does in the States because Minoru has worked with a lot of guys, you know, I think Minoru worked with like, I don’t know, Joey Janela or whatever the states, which is great. It’s not a Tokyo Dome level match. So there’s a couple of matches I want to keep for Japan will Ospreay is another one.”

On why he didn’t have a singles match at Forbidden Door: “So for me to be on Forbidden Door, the issue for me is not just the matches that I could do at the Tokyo Dome, but the fact that we have Blood & Guts three days later in Detroit. So anything that I do on the Forbidden Door has to relate to Blood & Guts, it has to be the next step in the story to the promotion of Blood & Guts, or it’s counterproductive. We’re going to have to promote both Forbidden Door and Blood & Guts, because it’s the go-home show for both. So for me on Forbidden Door, I have to do something that continues the momentum to Blood & Guts. If I just randomly faced Minoru Suzuki, will we tear the house down? Of course. But how does that connect to what we’re doing just three days later?”

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