Christopher Daniels On TNA Rumors, Russo, WWE, His Future, And More


Christopher Daniels was interviewed today by Bryan Alvarez on Figure Four Daily. Daniels talked about the rumors going around these last few months about TNA. He discussed the morale in the company, the rumors about his pay, and his thoughts on why he thinks he was let go from TNA, his comic book.

Daniels also talks about the rumors of Vince Russo being back on board with the company. He talked about an idea he had for the TV title that wasn’t used. Daniels said that they don’t talk about the title but it’s still on their website.

Daniels was respectful in his interview but also answered all of the questions asked of him. He also talked about the questions about TNA’s house shows and why they’re not drawing.  He said that there were times when they would go into a town and he would hear “oh, we didn’t know you were in town.”

Daniels also talks about his future, whether or not he would consider a spot in WWE, and Frankie Kazarian’s future. If you are not a subscriber then I highly recommend that you subscribe so you can listen to this interview. Subscribers can listen by clicking here.

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