Christopher Daniels Speaks Out – The IWC, Leaving TNA, & More


In an interview with Wrestle Zone, Christopher Daniels said that
he will be on the road with Ring of Honor through August and wants to be “as
full-time as he can be” with them, while still working an independent schedule.
Here are highlights:

On if the development of the IWC is a good or bad
“It’s changed the way the
business is presented. Everybody knows what professional wrestling is … and our
job now as wrestlers is tougher because of that. Even though you know what it
is, we’re trying not to remind that’s what it is, while we’re doing it. I liken
it to magic – you know what you’re seeing is in illusion, of sorts, but you
don’t want to be reminded of that in the middle of the show. It’s very difficult
sometimes to maintain that illusion enough for people to be entertained …
Especially the IWC – they want to critique and put their spin on what they saw,
and what they enjoyed, and what they didn’t enjoy, and sometimes it’s hard for
them to just be drawn into the spectacle.”

On leaving TNA: “My main feeling about leaving TNA is really
disappointment. There was so much more than we could have done, especially as a
tag team, and it seemed TNA never really got on board with us. Those are
decisions made by people above my pay level.”

On working with new
“I still want to work, and I
look forward to getting in the ring with new guys. All the fresh match-ups that
are there, and the possibilities of working with guys like the Briscoes, and
ReDRagon, and Forever Hooligans, and the Young Bucks. Sometimes it’s hard to
find tag team wrestling, where it’s the focus of the presentation, and I hope
that with us being in Ring of Honor there’s some focus put on us and the tag
team division.”

On going to New
“I definitely think that going
to Japan is in the works; it’s just a matter of schedule … Alex Shelly and
KUSHIDA of the Time Splitters. I haven’t wrestled Taka Michinoku in forever.
Just that entire roster – from top to bottom you look at guys like Liger and
Tiger Mask, Kota Ibuschi – the current Junior Champion. Kenny Omega just
returned and did the Best of the Super Juniors. Richochet is the #1 contender.
Working with those guys would be outstanding.”

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