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News​CM Punk Says He Likely Won't Ever Return To Pro Wrestling, Talks...

​CM Punk Says He Likely Won’t Ever Return To Pro Wrestling, Talks UFC Debut & More – Video



CM Punk discussed his UFC/MMA debut at UFC 203 during an appearance on ESPN Radio on Tuesday. Here are some highlights and a video from the interview:

On if he was sad about Daniel Bryan’s retirement: “Yes, I…even if I hate the guy, I’d hate to see him get hurt. But I love the guy. It’s a dumb way to go out. But you know…living is more important than silly pro wrestling. I’m glad he’s alive. It sucks that he can’t do what he wants to do but he’ll find something else to do. The smart ones always do.”

On if he’ll ever return to pro wrestling again for any company: “No, I don’t think so. But it is one of those ‘never say never’ things. I like to cover all my bases, just so some internet dweeb is going to be like, ‘you said you’d never wrestle again!’ But WWE? No. Absolutely not. But you never know, I could pop up here and there. Let me explain that to you even better… it’s not going to even be televised, it’s going to be me in a ninja f–king outfit wrestling one of my buddies and nobody’s ever going to know. It’s going to be very ‘Monty Python’ so to speak.”

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