Cody Rhodes Comments On Politics, Stephen Amell’s “Heels”


Cody Rhodes was interviewed by Bleacher Report last week. In it, he discussed politics and working with Stephen Amell’s new wrestling drama “Heels”. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Stephen Amell’s Starz wrestling drama Heels: “I think everyone I know in Hollywood sent me the treatment for Heels. If you know anything about two brothers from a wrestling family in Georgia, it starts to sound very familiar. I think anything Stephen touches turns to gold. He was an inspiration to me when I got to see him on Arrow. When he came to work with us at All In and prior to that in WWE, he came in with his ears open and he was exposed to this new bubble. I will always be there if he needs help. I love wrestling, and I would love for it to be presented the way it really is. It’s special to a lot of people, and if you do a show about wrestling and don’t get the wrestling right, you might not get the audience. I think if anyone can do it, Stephen can.”


On his political aspirations: “I have a ton of desire to do more acting so long as it doesn’t conflict with my job here,” Rhodes said. “I’m 35, and I said I only wanted to wrestle for five more years. I have political aspirations. I would love to run for the Senate in the great state of Georgia. I want to help with the sphere of influence I have created. I always say if you do the work, it will pay off. That is why I love Brandi. She is so incredibly hardworking, and we have to remind each other to be present often, but when we are it’s very special.”

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