Saturday, May 18, 2024
News​Cody Rhodes Denies Recent Rumors, Says He Owns The "Rhodes" Name

​Cody Rhodes Denies Recent Rumors, Says He Owns The “Rhodes” Name



Despite a recent report that Cody Rhodes doesn’t own the rights to the “Rhodes” name, the former WWE Superstar went on Twitter on Friday and denied those rumors. There was some speculation over the last several days after none of his new Pro Wrestling Tees merchandise used the “Rhodes” last name. Then, a post surfaced in the Wrestling Memorabilia Club from an artist who claimed he’d left “Rhodes” off of a commission for Rhodes’ charity match against Kurt Angle at Cody’s request.

Cody tweeted the following on Friday:

It should be noted that the current trademark for “Cody Rhodes” is registered by WWE. Of course, there could always be some sort of agreement between Cody and the company that allows him the rights to the name while WWE still maintains official ownership. That is usually not the case though.

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