Cody Rhodes On If He Misses WrestleMania Season, TNA’s New Ownership, More


Cody Rhodes recently spoke with CBS Local Sports about a number of pro wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

On WrestleMania hype:

“The Road to WrestleMania always gets people buzzing. And if they’d fallen off a little bit, they’ll come back around this time. But for me, I don’t feel any longing for it or feel any nostalgia over it. I just did Wrestle Kingdom in front of 40,000 in the Tokyo Dome. They tell you that it’s a lot like WrestleMania. I didn’t believe that until I actually got there and saw the scope of the production and size of the stage and the incredible matches. And the main event is a match that people are going to be talking about for years and years to come with Okada and Kenny Omega. So, it really hasn’t hit me yet. Maybe it’s because I was with WWE for so long. I’m doing only a few shows during WrestleMania week that happened to be in Orlando. I kind of don’t want to be around the WrestleMania experience, not because I don’t like it or [don’t] want to be around my friends, but because like [with] any job, 10 years is a long time be anywhere.”

On TNA’s new ownership:

“I was really impressed. Part of going to the taping was meeting with the new owners, and it was really nice to see a revitalized situation. You hear all of this trash talk toward TNA. However, every time I’ve been, the crowd at the Impact Wrestling Zone has been excellent. This last time they had double the crowd size and really streamlined production. They have some really good minds that have just joined and come onboard. The production of TNA and WWE’s NXT is very similar in that it’s classic studio wrestling. You’ve got fans on two or three sides and it’s designed more for cameras in terms of studio wrestling. I’d encourage people, if they’re critics or TNA or have heard only bad things, to check it out at some point. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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