Cody Rhodes Shoots On Wrestlers Who Use Steroids, Screw-Job Finish at MITB?


Cody Rhodes has been very active on social media as of late. Whether he is promoting his upcoming “ALL IN” event, or claiming that he is the greatest wrestler in the world, Rhodes always has something important to say on Twitter. Late last night, Rhodes tweeted about his physique and about how much work it takes to maintain a naturally muscular body. He claims that he uses no PED’s and called out any wrestler who does to face him. He than proceeded to tweet this-

With Money In The Bank taking place in less than a week, Dave Meltzer speculated possible outcomes during the event. Of course, Meltzer isn’t the be all and end all of wrestling news, however, it is worth noting that Meltzer believes that Ronda Rousey vs Nia Jax will end in a screw job finish. “Maybe the answer is that Stephanie McMahon screws Ronda Rousey.” Meltzer speculates that because WWE has been careful to keep Stephanie off TV, her return will be more shocking for the audience.


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