Cody Rhodes Talks About Why Arn Anderson Fell On AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam


Cody Rhodes made a surprise appearance on his wife Brandi’s YouTube show “A Shot of Brandi” alongside actor Stephen Amell. During his appearance, Cody spoke about Arn Anderson taking a bad fall during AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam a few weeks ago. He said,

We designed our ring based on the New Japan specs. The aprons are extra wide so the guys and girls can do stuff on the apron. What happens, is the post is farther away. Normally, you can just wrap around the post and get to the other side. That was the distance from about right here [holds arms out]. Arn’s not familiar with that and the ropes are smaller too, so he went to make that switch and there was nothing to hold onto. It’s the craziest thing a referee has ever told me, when Paul Turner said, ‘He fell down.’ ‘Who fell down?’ Then I just saw Arn. He’s a legend though and he threatened to shoot me.

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