Conrad Thompson Reveals If He Thinks Tony Khan Could Buy WWE


With the news of Vince McMahon’s return to WWE’s Board of Directors to help facilitate a sale, the talk of the professional wrestling community has been who could potentially swoop in to purchase the professional wrestling juggernaut.

Top names that have been thrown around include Amazon, FOX, and Comcast – however, one name that some have tossed around is AEW President Tony Khan. The Khan family already owns a professional soccer team, NFL team, and of course AEW.


Speaking on Eric Bischoff’s podcast, “83 Weeks,” Conrad Thompson offered his thoughts on whether or not Khan could or should buy WWE. While Thompson believes Khan has the funds to make it happen, he doesn’t believe it makes much sense to do so. He said,

“I got two phone calls last week from different people who, well, they’re names in the wrestling community. Would Tony Khan have the capacity to buy WWE?’ And, I think the answer is, yes, he has the capacity.

There is no question that he would be able to put together a deal. But, I would just, I would put the odds of that being near zero. Like what would be, I don’t know why Tony Khan would do that. I don’t see the upside of Tony Khan doing that.

How much of your 11 billion dollars of your net worth — depending on how much of it is even liquid — are you willing to put on WWE? … You’ve got the Jags, you’ve got a football team in England, you’ve got AEW, I don’t know what other businesses they’re in, but do you really, really want to do that?”

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