Damian Priest Comments On Transitioning From NXT To The WWE Main Roster


During a recent appearance on the “Car Con Carne” podcast, WWE Superstar Damian Priest commented on joining the main roster, transitioning over from WWE NXT, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his whirlwind year since joining the WWE main roster: “I started off at the Royal Rumble and that’s obviously one of the coolest pay-per-views of the year and most people’s favorite just because of the surprises. The Royal Rumble match itself is just so exciting. So to debut in the Royal Rumble match and then have moments with Edge, and I got to eliminate Kane, it’s just so cool. Then debut on Monday Night Raw and get my first victory over a former world champ. This year is wild.”

On the biggest challenge of transitioning from NXT to the WWE main roster and the adjustments he had to make: “It’s more mindset. “NXT is WWE, obviously, but growing up, NXT wasn’t a thing. To me, it’s Monday Night Raw and SmackDown. It’s definitely more of ‘OK, now it’s the big show, let’s get these nerves under control and get to work.’ I keep reminding myself that this is what I do. I know how to do this but a lot of emotions that go into this big spectacle that is this WWE machine, especially on the Raw roster, it’s night and day in the sense of the spectacle and the amount of stuff that goes into it, even behind the scenes with production and what not. You know this is a different feel. This is crazy, we’re reaching so many more people. The fact that now Damien Priest is known all over the world is crazy. That was the main part was getting my nerves under control and changing my mindset because it is a different system, so to speak. It’s like transitioning to a new school. I just had to get used to that. Now that I’ve been here a few months, I feel more comfortable and I get how this works.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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