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Darby Allin Plans To ‘Live & Die In AEW’



With a wrestling war going on between AEW and WWE, some wrestlers will be able to get enough leverage for better terms and money when negotiating their contracts.

However, for Darby Allin, he doesn’t plan on leaving AEW any time soon. Allin recently told Jon Chuckery that he “is going to live and die in AEW.” He said,

“I don’t know if people realize how fortunate we are to be wrestling at such a high level with such an open-minded owner. What you see out there is 100% Darby Allin. Nobody tells me how to walk, talk, or act. It’s 100% me and to have that free reign to collaborate with Tony (Khan) and create such good storylines leading to Wembley, pro wrestling’s biggest event. You literally can’t say enough good things. I’m super stoked on everything with my whole growth in AEW, them just letting me be me.”

He continued, “I always tell Tony maybe I’m the worst businessman in professional wrestling because there’s never going to be a bidding war for Darby Allin. That’s because I love it, I love AEW so much. I ain’t playing games, I’m not going to try and say, ‘Oh, what if I went somewhere else?’ No, I’m just being real, Darby Allin is going to live and die in AEW.”

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