Dasha Fuentes Issues First Statement on her WWE Release


Following her WWE release, former WWE announcer Dasha Fuentes took to Instagram to comment. Fuentes was released on the Thursday before WrestleMania 35. She said,

“Yes, unfortunately those rumors are true” in regard to her release. But I just wanted to take a moment to thank WWE. It’s been an incredible five years. I’ve learned so much. And a lot of people don’t know, I actually started in WWE as a wrestler, then got the opportunity to host and announce, and work my way up, and got to interview backstage as well. So I’ve gotten to wear many, many hats within WWE. So thank you to all the agents, producers, coaches, everyone that’s helped me out along the way. And I also wanted to thank each and every superstar and person that reached out to make sure I’m okay. And, I’m doing okay! So I just wanted to let you guys know that.”

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