Dasha Gonzalez Qualifies For Regional Finals in Titan Games, Shad Gaspard GoFundMe Update


Dasha Gonzalez has qualified for the Titan Games regional finals. Gonzalez, who is competing under her real name Dasha Kuret on the NBC reality competition show, qualified as the winner of the Eastern Region last night on the show. Dasha will be brought back when the regional finals take place in the near future.

According to a report by PWInsider Dasha was tired from the earlier competitions and was defeated when she went against the reigning Titan on last night’s show, though her performance was good enough that she will be brought back.

The GoFundMe for Shad Gaspard’s family following the former WWE Superstar’s tragic death in May while swimming with his son has now topped $150,000.

The fundraiser is, as of this writing, at $154,989 which is easily above the $100,000 goal. You can contribute to the GoFundMe at the link provided here.

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