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Daughter Of Santino Marella, Bianca Carelli, Was Confused As To Why People Knew Her Dad


Recently, the daughter of WWE’s former resident snake charmer, Bianca Carelli, made an appearance on the Insight With Chris Van Vliet podcast. On this episode, Carelli would discuss her decision to shift from being a surgeon to scratching that itch for professional wrestling. In this episode, Carelli would share a funny anecdote about the time she realized her father may have had some fame to his name.

Carelli would state:

“I actually have a specific memory. I lived in Milton, Ontario for a few years of my childhood – like 12-16. My dad got a place nearby in Milton too. One day, he picks me up and we go to the Milton mall, which is the smallest mall ever. So we were walking through the mall and someone yells ‘Santino! Santino!’ I was like [confused expression] him? My dad? Someone recognized you? It was the first time that someone had recognized him and it was in a small place too, which was weird.”

Commenting on the struggles of growing up with a famous father, Bianca would claim:

“It was cool, but after a while, I was like ‘I want my dad back.’ That started happening more often. I get that it comes with the business. You have to make time for the fans. It took some getting used to, but it was cool.” 

Carelli is currently pursuing a career as a professional wrestler, training at Battle Arts Academy. She is the current reigning and defending BAA Women’s Champion. You can follow Carelli on Twitter here.

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