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NewsDavid Arquette Calls Out Robert Stone, Says He Sucks As A Manager

David Arquette Calls Out Robert Stone, Says He Sucks As A Manager



David Arquette took to Twitter yesterday, calling out Robert Stone and claiming that his brand sucks. He said,

“Robert Stone brand, it’s David Arquette. Remember me? I put you in a sharpshooter! I hear you’re concerned because all your clients are leaving you. Yeah well, I don’t blame them. The percentages you take are like you’re the parent of a child actor. ‘I’m taking twenty percent here, maybe a little something for your college fund which you’ll never see.’ It’s all a scam. You know, just get back to work, get back to training, get back to wrestling because as a manager, you suck!”

Stone replied with the following,

“Everyone has been reaching out to me over the last few weeks about my brand. Just know that I’m agreeing to team w/ @WWE_Aliyah and wrestle @RheaRipley_WWE because I want to… not because you suggested it @DavidArquette”

Arquette then replied with,

“It’s ok Robert Stone – I have 30 years experience in The Biz – no shame in taking advice from someone who worked with Marlon Brando who just happens to also be a 1 time World Champion!”

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