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Dax Harwood Has A Shocking Revelation From His Time In WWE



On the most recent episode of his podcast, Dax Harwood shockingly revealed that former WWE Performance Center coach Bill DeMott had tried to get himself (then Scott Dawson) and partner Cash Wheeler (then Dash Wilder) fired from the company.

You can check out some highlights from the latest edition of FTR with Dax Harwood below:

On Bill DeMott trying to get Dax and Cash fired: “I had heard from one of the coaches that Bill was not enamored with us, and he was in the process of trying to get us out of the door. Lucky for me, unlucky for [DeMott], lucky for me and my family and my career; Bill was released right after that.”

On why Bill DeMott many in developmental disliked DeMott: “I felt that we were gonna lose our jobs. Bill DeMott did not like us at all. There’s a story that I will tell one day that goes far beyond wrestling. A lot of people have this misconception that [Bill] was disliked because he would always make people blow up, or he was hard at training. That was not it at all. He was just not a nice human being. Let’s put it like that.”

On Matt Bloom as head of the PC: “And in comes Matt Bloom. Matt Bloom is the best boss that I’ve ever worked for. The best coach I’ve ever worked for, one of the best human beings I’ve ever worked for, too. Whereas for so long the [Performance Centre] was run on fear? [Bloom] knew how to run his camp, he knew how to lead by example and how to lead out of positivity. That doesn’t mean he never yelled at me. My God man, he yelled at me a lot of times. There were times were we stopped talking because he yelled at me! He is what a coach should be. What a head coach should be. WWE is very lucky to have him. He could continue to shape the future of that company until he gets tired of doing it because he knows how to coach.”

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