DDP Says The Rock Doesn’t Need To Win, Cena/Rock Heat


— John Cena recently spoke with Washington DC’s CBS affiliate and explained why he called out the rock for having promo notes written on his arm, saying that he simply couldn’t ignore them. “That was something I saw right there. I wouldn’t have even said anything if I didn’t see it,” Cena said. “When I watch TV and I’m in the ‘Gorilla position,’ which is right before you go through the curtain, and they have a TV there – I couldn’t believe it. Once I saw it, the words became bigger and larger and his body was covered in words. It was like, I couldn’t ignore it. It became like the giant mole on the face. I had to.”

— Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke about the Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania, and said that the Rock doesn’t need to win if it’s a one-off match, though if he returns next year it may be different. “To me, The Rock doesnt need to win,” Page said. “The Rock has lost of matches and has stayed over strong, just like Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, or even me, even in defeat we have stayed over. The Rock never had to win, he just needed to entertain. Unless The Rock is coming back next year, I can’t imagine John Cena not winning.”

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