​Dean Ambrose & Renee Young Dating?, The Rock Tweets, More


— Disney is scheduled to air a special preview for
their “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie beginning on July 4th. The preview will
take place at the Hollywood Studios theme park in Disneyland. WWE Superstar Dave
Batista plays “Drax the Destroyer” in the film.

— The Rock tweeted the following regarding the
ongoing filming of San Andreas in Australia:

“Just wrapped a massive post earthquake
scene for SAN ANDREAS. To the hundreds of background actors/extras.. THANK U for
all your hard work!”

— Here’s a little gossip for ya’ – UK-wrestling magazine “Power Slam” is reporting
that Dean Ambrose and WWE Diva/interviewer Renee Young could be
dating in real-life. The magazine noted:

“One of our spies spotted Renee
‘Young’ Paquette and Jonathan ‘Dean
Ambrose’ Good “looking very chummy together” on King Street in Toronto on
the afternoon of May 8.”

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