Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page Says He Sent Terry Funk His Yoga Program, DDP Also Goes Over Vader Being Upset With Him & More


Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page sat down with Wrestle:List recently to discuss his DDP Yoga program. For those who are not aware, DDP has been transforming the bodies of some of wrestling’s greats, while improving their health in the process.

In this interview with Wrestle:List, Page touched on Vader being upset with him because Vader wanted to continue competing, but Page did not think it was a good idea.

Here are the highlights:

Sending Out The Program To Terry Funk:

“I just sent Terry Funk the program because I know he’s talking about getting back into the ring for one time at 73 years young. I love Terry to death so I said, “Terry if I send you this will you take a look and try it?” Terry was an amazing athlete at one time, so he’s done a lot of stuff. He’s never tried this before but I said Jerry Briscoe loves it bro and said it gave him his life back. I hope it helps him. If I had a relationship with them, I think it could’ve helped a lot of the guys, but it took a long time. DDP Yoga is a 10-year overnight success, which means it took me 10 years to get anybody to give a s**t.”

Helping Wrestlers:

“You have to remember, no-one even iced their knees or their back or their shoulders. No-one iced their body in professional wrestling before me. I did it because I was 35, 36, 37. I was already what would have been considered an old timer. I did chiropractic, I did deep muscle massage therapy so I was already doing all that stuff before and I stretched. I stretched my whole career. It didn’t save me when I blew my back and and of course, that’s where the whole things of DDP Yoga comes from. There’s probably about 40 wrestlers who do the DDPY program in WWE and God, I don’t know how many independent wrestlers.”

Vader Not Being Happy With Him:

“I love Vader, but he got his feelings hurt because I said “Leon I really need you to live here in Atlanta, I need you to take off wrestling for a while” and financially he just couldn’t swing it and he got kind of mad at me and I said “Leon I can’t really help you” and I didn’t mean it like “I won’t help you.” A lot of the guys need that hands-on thing until they understand the DVDs and the App. Because I’m married now, I can’t move any of the guys in, I can have them for a couple of days or whatever, but I just want them to come and move to Atlanta. I understand this business, it’s tough, but I just didn’t want him to think I didn’t want to help him because that’s absurd.”


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