​Did CM Punk Mention WWE On ‘The Talking Dead’?, & More


— As previously reported, former WWE
Superstar CM Punk appeared on AMC’s “Talking Dead” on Sunday night. Punk was
introduced by host Chris Hardwick as “Phil Brooks, a.k.a. CM Punk.” They didn’t
comment on WWE in any way, and Punk’s Twitter page (@CMPunk) was plugged at the end. Despite not
being a fan of “The Walking Dead” show, I caught the “The Talking Dead” show
that CM Punk was on and Punk didn’t talk all that much. There were two other
women who talked and were “dead serious” throughout the show. Punk kind of sat
there with a big smirk on is face at times. There was absolutely no mention of
WWE during the entire show.

— Big Ray of 1Wrestling.com recently did a
video interview with former WWE, WCW and ECW talent Little Guido. You can check
that out below:

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