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NewsDijak Doesn't Care About Kazuchika Okada, Ivy Nile Praises The Creed Brothers

Dijak Doesn’t Care About Kazuchika Okada, Ivy Nile Praises The Creed Brothers



WWE NXT wrestler Dijak took to Twitter to address the reports of Kazuchika Okada parting ways with NJPW.

Dijak tweeted, “I don’t give the slightest s*** about wrestling Okada unless he’s the NXT Champion so you can take your fantasy booking nonsense and go F yourself with it.”

Okada’s NJPW contract expires at the end of January, and he’ll be finishing up his NJPW commitments with a few shows next month.

In a recent interview with SE Scoops, WWE Superstar Ivy Nile discussed her relationship with The Creed Brothers (Brutus and Julius Creed).

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On The Creed Brothers: “I cannot say enough about these guys. They are my brothers. They are real brothers, I wish I was their real sister. They are just incredible, incredible guys. We all push each other in so many different ways. Julius, he is probably, I’m going to say this in full confidence, hands down the most athletic and strongest person in WWE. He does the most outrageous, most out of the box stuff that you just wouldn’t think possible, and he does it.”

On how Julius Creed just doesn’t feel pain: “He is one of those guys that doesn’t feel pain. He’ll come in the back a mess and he’s like, ‘I’m fine.’ ‘You’re not fine!’ He’s so passionate about this business and what he wants to do. Brutus right there along with him. Their bond as brothers is really powerful. If I’m ringside and they have a match, you can feel them pushing each other to do their best and they both have this mentality of keep your head down and work hard. I think we all have that and that’s why we work so well together.”

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