Dolph Ziggler’s Ex-Girlfriend: Our Sex Was ‘Too Athletic’



Dolph Ziggler’s ex-girlfriend Amy Schumer appeared on the Howard Stern show on Sirius XM today and while she was talking about her current and past boyfriends, she admitted that she used to date Dolph Ziggler. Stern asked her about the relationship and she had several positive things to say about him, but also said she broke up with him because their sex was “too athletic” and that he was tossing her around like they were wrestling.

Schumer noted that she learned a lot about the business and put Ziggler over. She noted that she broke up with him over Skype and that he was “a real sweetheart”. She did note that she hurt him with the split. Schumer said she still likes Dolph a lot but that it wasn’t meant to be.

For those unaware, Ziggler and Brie Bella used to be a real-life couple.

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