Dominik Mysterio On Drawing Influence From Konnan, Finding Success Without Rey


Since aligning himself with The Judgement Day, Dominik Mysterio has found significant success in WWE.

While speaking at the pre-WWE Royal Rumble media scrum, Dominik discussed how wrestling icon Konnan has influenced his character, finding success on his own, intergender wrestling, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what influence he’s pulling from Konnan: “So when it first started, it was very organic, because I had no idea what was going to go down. I had a flannel and we made it work. And after that, I saw on the internet that I was just getting tagged in all the — like you said — NWO Konnan stuff and Wolfpac and Filthy Animals Konnan. And he reached out to me. He’s like, ‘Did you do that on purpose?’ I was like, ‘No, but now I will.’ I was like, ‘Because who better than to pay homage to than one of my six godfathers, Konnan?’ And he’s the man, too, so nothing but the best.”

On being able to find success without his dad: “It feels great. I definitely was getting used to being with my dad and learning the ropes from him and him just guiding me, but I switched that out for someone who’s taken over New Japan and all over the world in Finn Balor. Someone who’s taken over their independence and Ring of Honor in Damian Priest. Someone who’s been the youngest women’s champion and just a year older than me and has a ton of experience in Mami Rhea. So it’s like I have a pool of knowledge that I can go to with my new family and it’s just been great.”

On Ripley working against men indicating a change in WWE style: “I feel like it definitely has been. And like you said, with Rhea being able to step in with the guys and bodyslamming Luke Gallows and getting in Solo’s face and beating Tozawa. When’s the last time that’s happened in WWE where a woman went in there and beat another male wrestler? It’s been a while. And how cool for it to have been my Mami, Rhea Ripley? That’s badass, man.”

On he and Austin Theory being Gen Z wrestlers: “Honestly, it’s pretty crazy. We’re both 25. I’m a couple months older than him. I think I’m April; he’s August. It’s pretty crazy watching two 25-year-olds take over and if I’m opening the show, he’s main eventing and if I’m main eventing, he’s opening it. And it’s honestly a wild ride, and for all the Gen Zs out there and all the millennials watching us: Man, we’re here to take over, and we’re going to be here for a while, man. So it’s going to be fun to watch.”

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