Dragon Gate Cancels Several Additional Live Events – Details


Dragon Gate has cancelled several more of their live events due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You can check out the full announcement below:

We regret to announce that the remainder of the June schedule has been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

We apologize for the continued inconvenience and are in preparation for the resumption of activity when the situation allows.

【Cancelled Events】

June 13th (Saturday) 6:00PM – Shizuoka, Shimizu Marine Building

June 14th (Sunday) 5:00PM – Kyoto, KBS Hall

June 15th (Monday) 6:30PM – Tottori, Tottori Industry Gym

June 20th (Saturday) 6:00PM – Nagano, Ina Municipal Gym

June 21st (Sunday) 4:00PM – Mie, Iga Yume Dome Ueno

June 22nd (Monday) 6:30PM – Tottori, Yonago Convention Center

June 27th (Saturday) 6:00PM – Hyogo, Kobe Sambo Hall

June 28th (Sunday) 4:00PM – Osaka, Izumi City Plaza

June 29th (Monday) 6:30PM – Nagano, Mielparque Nagano

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