Drew Galloway Explains Why He Didn’t Resign With Impact Wrestling


Drew Galloway told the Scottish Sun that he’d have re-signed with TNA if they did not push things down to the wire. He said that his decision not to re-up with the company had nothing to do with financial motives; instead coming down to it being “too little, too late.”

“They came to me last week with an offer and it was very very good one, one of the best in the company and a position as top guy but the reality is that because they waited until the last second I had to turn it down,” Galloway said. “Everything was so last minute. I had to to think about back-up plans and family because it went to the wire. I was surprised I got no heads-up beforehand and when they got in touch last week they wouldn’t accept no for an answer and the financial offer was great so it was a very hard decision to make. If all of this was said three weeks ago I would have signed.”

He added, “They wanted to position me as the top guy in the U.K, across Europe and in the US but it was too little too late. When the news came out I was leaving, the internet response was insane.”

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