Drew McIntyre Reacts To The Criticism Of His WrestleMania 38 Match With Happy Corbin


During a recent interview with Metro, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre commented on the criticism he receives from fans over his match with Happy Corbin at WrestleMania 38, Corbin’s skills as a heel, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his match with Happy Corbin: “I’m very excited about it, personally. I’ve seen some of the comments when the match was made, the internet can be very harsh place. I appreciate all my fans around the world, their reaction is, “Drew’s not wrestling for the title? He won the title from Brock two years along, he fought for the title last year, this year he’s fighting Corbin?!” I understand that and I appreciate that, but the way I see it is, aside from his obvious talent in the ring – anyone who says he’s not talented in-ring is lying to themselves.”

On Corbin’s skills as a heel: “We actually have a genuine hated bad guy that everyone genuinely dislikes.’ If people online are saying, “This guy’s such a good bad guy, he really entertains me”, that’s not a good bad guy. A true bad guy is somebody you literally despise and want to see get their butt kicked! That’s what we’ve got right now, and that’s what I’ve got in my story with Corbin.”

On the length of their feud: “In this day and age, to get a significant feud for any period of time is almost impossible! People’s attention spans are shorter, keeping them interested is harder these days. You’ve got the television show, social media content, there’s so much coming at you at once, it gets very old quick!

“Especially when I was champion, it would be a match to set up a match to set up a tag match to finally pay it off with another match, and perhaps another match. Before you know it, we’ve had 10 matches. [laugh]”

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