Edge Reveals How He Hurt His Neck + Ex-WWE Diva Girlfriend


Retired wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland answered several questions on Twitter this morning.

* When asked why several WWE Divas left the company this year, he said: “I don’t think they get a shot, and that’s why most leave. No incentive.” This pretty much confirms what we’ve been exclusively reporting – Beth Phoenix was unhappy with the way she was being used and decided to leave WWE. She didn’t trash the company and left on good terms but she was very frustrated behind the scenes. Numerous other Divas and mid-card talents feel the exact same way. It’s part of the reason The Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly are no longer with the company.

* He is dating Beth Phoenix, who left WWE last month.

* Although doctors say he will never be cleared to wrestle again, he says he would want to face Christian or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin if he could have one more match.

* He said that something that goes unnoticed when thinking about his history of neck injuries is the impact on his body that the Spear had.

* When asked if the TLC matches were the reason he retired, he replied: “That and the spears over the years.”

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