Eric Bischoff Gives His Thoughts On The Samoa Joe/Brock Lesnar Feud


In just two weeks, at the Great Balls Of Fire PPV on July 9th, we will find out who is truly dominant on Monday Night RAW. Many people think Samoa Joe & Brock Lesnar feuding over the WWE Universal Championship has been brilliant so far, including Eric Bischoff, who provided his thoughts on his “Bischoff On Wrestling” overrun podcast.

Check it out:

Bischoff: “I love that match-up, I can’t say enough about Samoa Joe and I think just chemistry-wise and intensity-wise, that’s a very natural match-up. So was Bill Goldberg, by the way, but Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar had history attached to it, they did a great job with that history. They had a great angle in WWE but Joe is fresh. This has never happened before and Joe is a guy who can go toe-to-toe with Lesnar with character, intensity and the ability to make me believe it in the ring. When they are standing there eye-to-eye and chest-to-chest I believe it, I think it’s great.”

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