Eric Bischoff Shares His Thoughts On The Mick Foley/Joey Ryan “Test Of Strength” Spot


This past weekend during the Over The Top Wrestling event, Mick Foley was flipped over by Joey Ryan’s “test of strength” move that Ryan has become famous for. The clip caught the attention of many on social media and received positive and negative comments.

Eric Bischoff joined MLW Radio with Court Bauer & MSL and gave his take on the spot.

Here’s what Bischoff had to say: (transcript by WrestlingNewsCo)

Bischoff: “Like you, I enjoy the response to the crowd as much as I do what’s going on in the ring. Somebody told me one time and I can’t remember who it was and I don’t even know if it’s true, but I’ve stuck to it. That Elvis Presley once said presumably ‘the most important part of a performance isn’t what’s happening on the stage it’s what’s happening in the audience’ and whoever old me that, whether it’s true or not true or whether Elvis Presley said it or didn’t; to me that rings true, especially in a professional wrestling event. Because if the crowd energy is dead, people aren’t having fun if they haven’t thoroughly engaged in the product. Sometimes that means taking them on a roller coaster ride, sometimes that means comedy spots, sometimes that means stuff that doesn’t make any sense but damn they have fun watching it. But if you don’t set the audience into that performance you’re not gonna last long.”

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