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NewsEric Bischoff Talks Staying Current in Wrestling Creative

Eric Bischoff Talks Staying Current in Wrestling Creative



On a recent episode of the 83 weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff openly spoke about the importance of re-acclimating yourself with the modern-day pro wrestling climate in order to best be situated for anyone who would like to return to a creative position:

(h/t: Fightful)

“I can tell you from personal experience, just even most recently with WWE, the first thing that I would do would be to immerse myself in the product that exists today. Look at what works today, because a natural tendency for anybody is an I don’t care how on top of your game you are and how active you may be in this business today. Your natural instinct is to go back to what worked recently or five years ago or four years ago as a starting point. Doesn’t mean you’re going to do it, but as a starting point,  you’re going to reflect back to [it].
“I think in wrestling for a guy like Kevin Sullivan, or anybody else that’s been out of it for a long time, I think you have to really understand what’s working today and why it’s working today and then start applying once you’ve kind of, you know, re-engage that, you know, creative muscle again in. And because of that, that muscle in your brain, that creative muscle, much like the muscles in your body, there’s a muscle memory there. There’s a creative muscle memory, I think that exists. But before you start trying to use it, you’ve got to condition it. And I think you have to condition it into a way that allows you to really understand what’s currently working and then start applying. I think some of the formulas that have worked for you in the past.”
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