Eva Marie Leaving WWE Soon?


Speculation has kicked in that Eva Marie is done with WWE after Reddit user hey333 made the observation of some changes to her official Twitter account yesterday.

Not only has she unfollowed WWE’s account, but she has also removed “WWE Superstar” from her bio, which now simply lists her other social media accounts. Since she did not follow the standard of having WWE built into her username as many other superstars do, there is now nothing tying her to the company at a glance. Rather, she comes off as a completely independent model and entertainer with her own brand at the forefront.

If she is indeed done with the company, this would not be too much of a surprise. Since her career started in 2013, she has had her fair share of criticism from the fans and never quite made much progress beyond Total Divas. Her transition from main roster talent to her brief stint on NXT and back to SmackDown during the 2016 draft has been rough and it was made no better by her suspension on August 18th.

She has not been seen on WWE television since then, despite her 30-day suspension more than being complete. Instead, she has busied herself filming two movies which are suspiciously not even WWE Studios projects.

All signs appear to point to her being released soon, whether that is a mutual departure or a one-sided affair either on her behalf or WWE’s mandate. Then again, this could all just be blown out of proportion and nothing of the sort is being discussed.

Is Eva Marie on the chopping block or was this just an effort to give more attention to her own brand on her Twitter account? Stay tuned for any future announcements regarding the issue and leave your comments below to chime in on what you think of the issue.

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