Even More On CM Punk’s Time Off From WWE


Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

While CM Punk is on his much needed break from WWE, he’s basically living the dream of all MMA fans. The former heavyweight champion has attended two UFC events this month, including the one this weekend in San Jose. As noted earlier, Punk will also be attending the fights next weekend, where his close friend Chael Sonnen will be fighting Jon Jones for the light heavyweight championship. Speaking of CM Punk, Mark Coleman is not a big fan of CM Punk as we noted earlier. The MMA veteran was apparently upset that UFC decided to show and acknowledge the WWE star on camera during last weekend’s event instead of him. Coleman was said to be furious to the point of wanting to confront Punk, who really did not have a say in what the producers chose to do with their show.

Part of the reason why Brock Lesnar has returned and The Undertaker is working next week is because CM Punk won’t be returning anytime soon and WWE needs star power on TV.

Before this past Monday, the plan was for CM Punk to come out on RAW and whine about losing at WrestleMania 29, then walk out of the company in the storylines. This was held off from the post-WrestleMania RAW because officials felt that Punk would get a big reaction from the post-WrestleMania RAW crowd. Another reason it was held off is because Punk wasn’t happy with the verbiage they wanted him to use and didn’t want to come off as a whiner.

A few weeks back, Punk had a big blow up with WWE creative and wanted to give his notice to quit the company as we reported earlier. He went and worked it out with top WWE officials. At that time, it was decided that Punk wouldn’t be working live events anymore, just TV and WrestleMania 29.

Between the backstage problems and severely tearing knee ligaments at WrestleMania, Punk was written off TV this past Monday at RAW. Punk will be fine once he rests up and lets his knees heal. Right now there is no set plan for Punk to return but word is that he won’t be back until SummerSlam time.

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