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NewsEx-Superstar Says They Weren't Scared Of Being Released: "I Should Have Been"

Ex-Superstar Says They Weren’t Scared Of Being Released: “I Should Have Been”



Former WWE Superstar B-Fab says she should have been scared of being released by the company before her departure last November.

On November 4th, mere weeks after being called up to SmackDown, B-Fab was released and the rest of Hit Row was cut two weeks later.

Speaking on The Angle Podcast, B-Fab was asked if she had any fears of being cut from the company given WWE’s hit-or-miss record with NXT call ups:

“I wasn’t scared at all. We had done so many things that had caught on in different ways. When went to do our promos, the four of us, mind you, if we are doing a promo together, if one of us messes up we have to start over. We would knock them out in like four or five takes, you know?

“So, they knew how we worked, when we went up there and was just doing things like that, I wasn’t nervous at all. I was like, ‘they’re going to eventually figure out the direction they want to go with us first.’ But everything we were doing, I felt they just wanted to showcase us because they liked what we were doing. So, I wasn’t nervous at all. But I did see all the stuff on Twitter being like, ‘oh god, Vince, no, don’t touch it,’ I saw it all. But I wasn’t scared. I should have been.”

Hit Row reunited at last weekend’s MCW event ‘Spring Fever.

You can check out her full interview below:

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