Ex-WWE Writer Reveals What Happened after RAW Scripts Leaked in 2018


During a recent interview with FightFul, former WWE creative writer Kazeem Famuyide was asked about the scripts for WWE Monday Night RAW getting leaked back in 2018. Famuyide claims that it just wasn’t just the writers who received heat from WWE higher-ups for the leaked scripts, but “everybody was under the gun.” He said,

“It wasn’t necessarily us getting the finger pointed at us. Everybody was under the gun. It wasn’t just the writers catching heat for it. It was kind of a kick in the dick, too. We worked really hard all week, and sometimes the day of to make it just right and certain versions of it comes out and it always reads terribly. I might have had some heat with you for a second! I was like ‘we worked hard on this, you’re gonna leak scripts?’ It was my livelihood, it was a kick in the dick for a while. I’m glad that stopped. It was a weird time. I’m glad that it got settled eventually.”

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