Exclusive: Talents ‘Playing It Smart’ + The RAW Meeting


— JTG hasn’t tweeted on “jobbing out” on this week’s RAW and several people we’ve spoken with tonight don’t expect him to address it …. for now. As noted earlier, JTG’s twitter rant from last week was referenced on RAW this week. JTG, who went off about how he and his “locker room brothers” were being taken advantage of last Monday, asked RAW GM AJ Lee for a match this week and got one against Ryback. After JTG lost, Michael Cole said, “I can’t wait until JTG tweets about this.” Many of these guys are “playing it smart” and are staging something bigger in the coming weeks. While WWE continues to mock their frustration on TV, there are bigger things planned among mid-card talents that the company is currently unaware of. We’ll have more details on this throughout the week here on eWN.

— We hope to have more details on mid-card talents frustration and details on what happened at the backstage meeting at RAW throughout the week. We’re waiting to speak with several sources and should have much more in the coming days. We’re told it was more of a “corporate” meeting where many of the mid-card talents frustrations weren’t addressed.

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