Exclusive: Who’s Frustrated With WWE Right Now?


Source: WZROnline.com

In an update on JTG and multiple other mid-card WWE talents being upset these days, one of the main topics of concern as we noted earlier was the recent WWE Brazilian tour. In previous years, mid-level WWE talent was accustomed to receiving $2,000-$4,000 per show depending on the amount of merchandise sold and live event gates. As we broke in our previous exclusive article, mid-card talents on this particular Brazilian tour, which was considered a huge success financially, only received $500.

As mentioned before, current WWE Superstar JTG posted a Twitter rant prior to RAW this past Monday night. According to our source, JTG is not the only person who is becoming growingly frustrated with the current compensation in WWE these days. Numerous mid-card stars in WWE are said to be very displeased with the pay and bonuses they receive, but will not speak up due to fear of losing their jobs. We have confirmed that Zack Ryder, Santino Marella, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks and MANY others including WWE Divas are very upset with the company right now. Prior to Monday’s RAW, our source claims talent was keeping a healthy distance from JTG for speaking up, because that’s something they don’t feel comfortable doing.

Following the conclusion of RAW, JTG was approached by WWE officials who inquired about the aforementioned Twitter rant. A source close to this situation explained to WZROnline.com that JTG told management exactly how he has been feeling and that many others feel the same way but don’t feel comfortable speaking up or taking a stand as he did. JTG reportedly told management that he and many others feel “mistreated” and underpaid. He explained that he loves working for WWE and wants to continue to be a part of the company, but that he was unhappy with how he has been paid as of late. He insisted to management that he wasn’t trying to get fired but things had been boiling for quite some time and he and many others had been holding it in.

Management basically heard out JTG, but didn’t offer anything that defused his frustration. Basically, JTG was heard and was told to try and do his job as best as he can and things will get better with time. Whether or not that resolves the situation remains to be seen, as talent doesn’t feel any different than before all of this chaos began.

We’ll keep you posted here on eWN as we hear more. Stay tuned!

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