Exclusive: Why Ted DiBiase Quit WWE; More Coming?


UPDATE: We reported earlier this morning that WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase Jr. uploaded a new video to his official YouTube channel last night where he explains that he is going to let his current contract with WWE expire. Basically, DiBiase is quitting the company. We’re told that he informed WWE management of his plans to depart the company last week. There is no word on when DiBiase’s current WWE contract expires but that is the reason there has been no announcement via WWE.com ….. yet. We know his contract expires very soon but aren’t sure exactly which day as of this writing. You can expect a WWE.com statement on that day.

It should be noted that DiBiase Jr. suffered an injury to his finger at the 12/27 WWE live event in Chicago, Illinois. As a result, WWE agent/producer Jamie Noble ended up stepping in for DiBiase on the SmackDown live events to take on Fandango (Johnny Curtis). Noble attends all TV tapings and house shows in a management type role.

Also, we reported way back on December 13, 2012 that DiBiase was unhappy with his position in the company. Our original report stated the following:

Ted DiBiase has been sending out feelers to Hollywood to see if he can get acting work. DiBiase, who is reportedly disgruntled and taking a “wait and see” stance in regard to his WWE future, is said to be disinterested in Los Angeles which will not help his acting chances.

If he leaves WWE, he is likely to look for work outside of the business.

Numerous other mid-card talents are just as disgruntled and are also thinking about leaving the company.

With that being said, the release news today should come as no surprise to you guys. He’s been unhappy for over a year now and has vented his frustrations to WWE management on numerous occasions. He’s pitched ideas only to be shot down time and time again. With his contract expiring shortly, this was his way of getting out without burning any bridges.

We can also confirm that at least five other mid-card talents have been thinking about doing the same thing DiBiase did today. Among those talents include Zack Ryder, JTG and Santino Marella. Two WWE Divas are also considering leaving the company. By no means does this mean they WILL be quitting but all are currently frustrated and the thought has definitely crossed their minds. In the meantime, they’ll continue to collect paychecks while rarely being used.

Stay tuned as we hear more.

ORIGINAL: Ted DiBiase posted the following on his YouTube.com page today:

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