Extreme Rising Cancels WrestleMania Weekend Events


Extreme Rising officials have begun contacting talent to inform them that the promotion’s WrestleMania weekend shows in Philadelphia and Staten Island, New York have been canceled. The reason being given is low ticket sales. That seems odd as all other indy promotions running during WrestleMania weekend have had great tickets sales for obvious reasons. Something seems “fishy” here.

According to sources, there was reportedly some worry about whether the shows would go forward as of last week but Shane Douglas was determined to have them go on since his name was attached and he felt like he would take the hit if they were cancelled.

The decision to cancel the shows was made Tuesday night after ticket sales apprently didn’t improve. The word going around is that this doesn’t mean the end of the promotion. There is also no word on how fans who already purchased tickets will be able to get their money back as of this writing.

More as we get it.

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