Fake Fit Finlay Account, Christian’s WWE Return, Bret Note


— We wrote last week about a Fit Finlay Twitter account going around. The account has been confirmed by WWE announcer Justin Roberts to be a fake. The account had everyone fooled from Kofi Kingston to Zack Ryder, Hornswoggle and about the entire developmental roster.

— Christian is now being advertised for this weekend’s SmackDown live events in a three-way against Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title. Christian has worked recent live events but despite being advertised for TV tapings, he has not returned to SmackDown yet.

— Bret Hart and former WWE Diva Jillian Hall will be appearing at The Wrestling Universe Store in Flushing, NY this Saturday from 11am until 1pm.

— Brock Lesnar and John Cena are featured on the cover of the 2012 WWE Extreme Rules DVD. It will be released in North America on May 29th.

— WWE star Husky Harris is being advertised for Friday’s RAW live event in Huntsville, Alabama in a match against Alex Riley. Husky recently debuted a new gimmick, that you can see here on WNZ, in FCW and may be bringing that to WWE’s main roster.

CM Punk vs. Mark Henry and John Cena vs. Lord Tensai is also being advertised for the Hunstville show. Cena and Tensai will be wrestling each other at live events during the feud between Cena and John Laurinaitis.

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