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NewsFandango On Wanting To Earn Chris Jericho's Respect At WrestleMania 29

Fandango On Wanting To Earn Chris Jericho’s Respect At WrestleMania 29



Fandango was pleased to get an upset win at WrestleMania 29 in 2013, but was more focused on earning the respect of his opponent Chris Jericho.

On a recent edition of the “Wrestling with Johners” podcast, Fandango recalled working with Jericho and his worries going into the bout. He said,

“My biggest thing was I just wanted him to respect me and I just didn’t want to let him down because I looked up to him so much as a performer. Honestly, I was comfortable with the match prior, the most nervewracking aspect of that whole thing was remembering the dance routine for me, I just remember being really stressed out about that.

“I knew once we get in the ring, I’m in there with Chris and it’s not like it was a super difficult match, it was a little schmoz match — it was like six minutes. But the freaking dance routine had me really shook. I was like, ‘F***, man.’ I had been wrestling at that time for years so I was comfortable in the ring, but the dancing thing was two, three, four months new to me.”

In the years since, Jericho has had a negative outlook on the match and has even said he thought the idea for the match was a rib when it was first presented to him.

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