Finn Balor Discusses How WWE NXT Has Changed Since His First Run


Finn Balor did an interview with Newsweek to talk about a wide range of topics. 

During the interview, he was asked about how the brand has changed since his first run. Here is what he had to say: 

“My first run in NXT, we were doing four tapings a night once a month, so obviously those nights were hectic. We went in on a Wednesday night to the NXT arena with four weeks of TV to shoot in one night. You know that’s gonna be a busy night.

I think my first TV taping… bear in mind, I just came from Japan where there’s no real, in a sense, TV-slash-live event matches. It’s basically go out there and you do it. If you’re shooting for TV or not, you’re doing the same thing.

WWE’s very very different. That first four-show block of taping I had three matches and one in-ring promo. Bear in mind that I never performed the WWE style or worked for time, for commercial breaks, so that was a very much trial by fire with regards to having to learn fast. I really feel like that’s something that kind of over-prepared me for being on RAW and being on SmackDown.

Now, NXT is once a week live, it’s a two-hour show as opposed to a one-hour show. I feel like the styles have changed a lot, but with regards to the core values of NXT they are the same. Everyone’s working together, there’s great direction, there’s very much a mentality of everyone wants to go out there and do better than everyone else.”

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