Flip Gordon

Flip Gordon: ‘The Elite Leaving ROH Made Me Overthink’


While speaking to Fightful, ROH Superstar Flip Gordon discuss the impact that The Elite leaving the company had on him personally. Of course, Flip was a regular cast member of the Being The Elite web series and has very close ties to all of the members of The Elite:

“I have this new confidence and I’m more motivated and more obsessed with wrestling than ever. At the end of last year, I felt like I was burned out. Now, I’m rejuvenated and ready to go. I’m still new at this and a lot happened towards the end of last year. I was overthinking a lot of things and overwhelmed. With my friends leaving and not knowing where I’m gonna stand, I wasn’t sure how much ROH believed in me. Then I got injured and that was a mental (hurdle) as well. But it was a blessing in disguise because I got to refocus and re-fall in love with wrestling.”

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